IGPack Iota Build released!

Well, the final test build for IGPack is finally available for download! Unfortunately for the public, it’s a private build and only official contributors and testers are allowed to play it :p

I’ve worked a solid week on preparing Iota Build. I haven’t done anything else actually…I haven’t played any other games, I haven’t worked on any other projects, half of the time I would forget to eat something, I haven’t watched any TV. Yea, I’ve been pretty focused on it, that’s for certain. The main thing that was delaying me was a total overhaul of Mastan’s map “Volcano Installation II”. Want some screenshots? Ok, here are some screenshots:


If your a tester and you happen to be reading this, here are the download links!

IGPack Iota Build
Mirror 1 (Badongo)
Mirror 2 (zShare)
Mirror 3
Thanks goes to Catman for the mirrors!
Thanks goes to alien8 for the 3rd mirror and the test server!

If all goes well, IGPack will be released in a matter of a few days :D

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