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Have some Nadja+Troum! Great stuff, especially considering it is from two of my favorite artists (Aidan Baker being Nadja in this case). Troum is some of the baddest dark ambient ever, which is no surprise as some of the guys in the group come from Maeror Tri :)

So yea, no updates for a while…big surprise there. Well things have been going pretty well lately, in regards to my various projects anyways. I have been working on Vela Pax for a while now and I haven’t actually gotten a ton of work done (though not on MAP04…yet). I’ll have to make a point to do a post here with some fresh screenshots sometime. Currently I’m working on updating previously completed maps (at the time of this post, I’m working on finishing up MAP02 edits). I have also added a bunch of little odds and ends including graphics and a tweaked Pistol, among other things. Check out the main project thread if you want more juicy details!

Supplice development is in a mostly frozen state right now due a couple of things. One, I’m putting all of my effort into finishing Vela Pax this year, barring killing myself from the stress :P. Two, Cage, our master of graphic disaster, has run into a few life issues which has put him into a hiatus for the project. The development cool down is actually a good thing, one that I sort of planned (but in this instance was forced). We hit Supplice very hard during 2012 and made huge strides towards the project’s goals. Once some more of Vela Pax is out of the way, and once Cage is able to come back at full force, I have no doubt we will be able to knock out the rest of the graphics and sprites with little issue :D. One very cool thing, though, is that we now have a sound designer of sorts – Bouncy! So expect to hear some new things in Supplice as well.

So that’s all for now. Enjoy the awesome music :sun:

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