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Hey there! I’m Brett Harrell and this is the page where I write boring stuff about myself. As of this posting I’m 29 years old and I live in Pembroke, Virginia. If you’ve wandered to my little corner of the internet, then most likely you’ll know me as Mechadon (or Mekaddonn for those times where someone used my name before I got a chance). As you can probably tell, I like Doom and, in particular, modifying and designing levels for Doom. I like playing it too, of course! I have been designing levels for Doom for close to 15 years now and it is a hobby that I am deeply enamored with. Doom and its community has been a huge influence on me, and it is one of the greatest things out there in the gaming world (in my opinion). I am slowly but surely extending my branches into other sorts of game and graphic design. Though I will always have time for Doom.

I have a few other hobbies as well. Video games, in general, take up a large chunk of my time and interest. Some of my favorites are from the 16-bit era of gaming but I also greatly enjoy some modern games, especially certain indie offerings. I also enjoy collecting video games, especially older and rarer ones, though that hobby is a bit expensive these days. I also enjoy cooking from time to time, though I’m not particularly good at it. Music is another thing that I enjoy, although almost none of what I like is mainstream. Some notable artists I enjoy are Boards of Canada, Aidan Baker, Autechre, Loscil, and many others with varying genre backgrounds. A side interest I have is architecture and design, though I have no interest in becoming an architect. I enjoy looking at interesting architectural designs, especially when they can be used for inspiration in my own designs.

My dream is to become an independent game designer. I enjoy the designs and aesthetics of older games, and I want to carry over those principles into my projects. While I have no notable releases other than my Doom works, I’m always trying to expand my knowledge base when I can. At the moment this dream is culminating into a project called Project Retrograde.

If you have questions for me or you just wanna talk or hang out, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line! Check the bottom of this page for my contact information.

Blog Info

Here’s a little bit of info about the site. Mekworx is my portfolio/blog where I catalog all of my works the best that I can and then ramble on about in-progress stuff. Sometimes I talk about everyday things, but not very often. You can find everything I have released or anything I’m currently working on at the Design page. I will try to keep it relatively up to date…but no promises :3 . Home is where you’ll get to read my intermittent blog posts. The Info page is…well, I mean, your here reading it, so I don’t think an explanation is necessary. I do not have a set posting schedule, so don’t expect many updates. Usually I reserve posts for project updates, but that could change in the future.

If you have any questions or just want to chat about something, check below for my numerous social webholes. If you have any suggestions for the site or if you find an error of any sort, let me know :sun:

(maybe sometime soon I’ll post up a newer picture of myself. maybe)

Contact Info

Email is probably the quickest way to contact me. I also have some social networking memberships where you can contact me. You can also make a post on my blog here and it will very likely get my attention. If all else fails, try contacting me at Doomworld or at ZDoom. I often frequent the forums on those sites. I always go by Mechadon or Mekaddonn.

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