Heh, Mek has no idea what he’s doing…

I seriously doubt anyone who’s reading this remembers my old Mekworx site (it was being hosted by hostsnake.com…which, unfortunately, was a horrible choice on my part for a free webspace provider). Apparently the owner of my old free host either died or just quit and ownership was passed onto another person…who in turn pretty much changed all of the old rules around. One of these changes was related to the account deactivation/site deletion time if you didn’t update your site so often. And yea, my site got canned. Not that it was really a big deal mind you; I had already made a pretty big update to upload almost 3 months back and I never got around to it…so technically the copy of my site was more up-to-date on my computer than the actual site. I was too lazy busy to worry about uploading, so it was just as well that it got deleted. Eventually I made a new account. I was hoping to install WordPress, and from the various guides I found on the internet it looked like it wouldn’t be all that hard to do. I got to the part where you have to configure the wp-config.php file…and that’s where I got stuck. The tutorial on the host’s site said that it could run WordPress but they didn’t give you all the information needed for the config file…so I gave up. I was tired of all the stupid shit I had to put up with using that host anyways.

A few months back I started looking for a new host and found this site called X10hosting for something like that (I’m not using that host by the way, so that’s why I don’t remember the name). It looked like a pretty good free host so I signed up…got about halfway through the process of getting ready to setup my account…and the stupid site just stopped cooperating. I tried for a few days to get things to work…I even emailed the maintainer! But I didn’t get a reply and I was fed up. I guess it’s true what they say…”you get what you pay for”…atleast with free hosting, that is. Well maybe that’s not entirely true. Today I thought I’d give it yet another go so I started googling around for free web hosts. I stumbled upon a site with a huge list of free web hosts and began pouring over the ones that offered more than 100MB of space. Most of them were shit (and it’s funny because the reviews listed alongside each host were all positive) and the rest required you to sign up at a forum and make X number of posts before you could actually get the web space. I finally stumbled upon phpnet.us. It looked ok and it offered a lot of different options…so I figured I’d give it a try. So far it’s been a pretty good free host…definitely the best I’ve used so far. I was able to install WordPress (:D!) and everything else has been pretty much painless for a guy who really has no idea what he’s doing. I’m hoping this host doesn’t fall through on me though. My plan is to try and learn a lot of this stuff on my own without having to shell out a monthly fee for webspace/domain name, so if I screw something up it won’t cost my anything other than time. I suppose I learn best that way…self-taught. It has it’s advantages as opposed to being taught by a guide or someone else, atleast for me. I tend to retain what I’ve learned if I teach myself (which is probably one reason why I don’t always do well in classroom environments).

So basically this site is going to be a place for me to vent as well as post various game design stuff, among other things. I don’t know if I’ll use it as a personal blog too…though I may as well since I don’t actually have a blog of any sort anywhere else. At the moment I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to be able to post actual content besides blogs; I want WordPress to act as an actual website alongside being a blog, which I’m not sure is going to work out. Well I guess I’ll figure it out :P

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