• # of Textures: 562* textures
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I figured it was finally time for me to officially release some of my sky textures. Some of them have been posted in random threads over the years, and many others have been released in projects such as Resurgence and THT: Threnody, among others. I’ve also had random skies lying around that I’ve made but never used, as well as some sub-par quality stuff that might be useful to someone.

Currently I have 562* sky textures in the pack. They are all in Doom’s palette and cover a few different sizes (most are 1024×240). There are a lot of color variations of the same texture, but there should still be quite a bit to choose from. Some are seamless vertically as well as horizontally (ie. the star skies). In addition I’ve included some of the base greyscale images, some foreground stuff with .png transparency, and a folder filled with some slightly crappier skies and experiments that I thought might be useful to someone out there. Unfortunately I don’t have the base images for most of the skies that I made a few years ago, but I’ve included what I do have.

All of these skies can be used in any way you see fit! Chop ’em up, recolor them, stick ’em in a stew…do whatever! If you do use them, try and remember to give me some credit, I would appreciate it ;)


Version 3 (03/06/2019):

– This adds an additional 407 new skies (again, many are recolors and variants).  Many new base images, foregrounds, and other scraps have been included.  Also check for .xcf files in the scraps folder if you wanna dig around some of the sky layouts.  Lastly, check the animfireskyfolder for a set of animated fire skies; these will need to be manually animated using something like ANIMDEFS.


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