Borked no more

I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but Mekworx has been down for a few days. Somehow I doubt anyone actually noticed :P

I’m not 100% sure exactly what happened, but something changed on my host and some of my files in the wordpress installation directory were reverted to older versions. The issue was eventually fixed but it left some of my files in their out of date states. In particular it left my wp-config.php file waaaay out of date.

Unfortunately the plugin I’ve used for a while now to automatically backup and upgrade wordpress didn’t actually backup my wp-config.php file. Which is really irritating as that’s what caused the down time. I mean, I don’t know why it wouldn’t backup such a crucial file like that, but whatever. The wp-config.php file holds information related to the database – namely the name of the database that wordpress uses, the username, and the password. Apparently the user/pass for my database weren’t something I could remember back when I moved Mekworx to, so the site was stuck without being able to connect to its database. Without that information, the site cannot connect to the database and thus cannot function.

My hoster, savoir, and good buddy Wartorn jumped on the problem. I think he contacted the hosting company and got the issue all worked out that way. So a big ole thanks goes to my good pal Wartorn for saving my webhole :sun: . Needless to say, the first thing I did when the problem was solved was back up my wp-config file, heh.

Funnily enough, I was planning on making some site updates right around the time the downtime hit. Now that it’s fixed…I’m feeling too lazy to actually update :P . I need to add a logo to this theme (or maybe change the theme…again), update the info page, update the design page with new Doom stuff, and probably do away with the resources page. I’ll have to sit down sometime soon and do all of that as well as update the Project Retrograde dev-blog too.

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  1. I still suck at hosting, though.

  2. Nah :P . Well, you certainly do better than I ever could. I don’t even know half of those server terms people throw around.

  3. Yo Mechadon! Been a while since I last checked out your website. Looking sharp, man. Design it yourself? Either way, I’m digging it.

    The way you laid out the information on your “design” section looks remarkably similar to the setup I’ve got going on my website for my Doom stuffs. Totally cool with it, just making an observation. xD

  4. Hey Sporks! Thanks for the compliment. I didn’t design it myself though, heh. The theme I’m using has a bunch of visual options you can tweak. That and I liked how it separated each element so that’s why I went with it. I did change a few things with the reply section so the clickable smilies would work though (that only took me 3 hours of trial and error). The last time I tried to design a theme myself, I nearly went insane D:

    Yea I uh…”borrowed” your design layout :lol:. I couldn’t think of a layout myself and yours does a good job of keeping everything organized and simple.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

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