• Project Name: 32in24-8: DWANGO2008
  • Game: Doom 2
  • Engine Needed: Boom Compatible
  • Game Type: Deathmatch
  • # of Maps: 33
  • # Contributed: 2
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 01/05/09


32in24-8: DWANGO2008 was the final 32in24 project of 2008. It officially began at midnight on New Year’s eve and lasted until midnight on New Year’s day. The theme for this 32in24 was use the original Doom & Doom II singleplayer maps and turn them into multiplayer deathmatch maps. Think of DWANGO D5M1 and this is basically the theme behind this project. I contributed two maps to the project based off of Ultimate Doom maps E1M3 and E3M8. The E1M3 map I did took me about 4 hours to finish; I named it Contagion Purifier. I barely had enough time to finish another map, so I decided to do an easy one; E3M8. I got it submitted just in time for it to be added into the project, naming it Return to Dis.

If I remember correctly, there was a little bit of worry that the project wouldn’t be accepted into the /dgames archive because the maps were derivatives of the original Iwad maps. There was also some ethical debate over using the original maps as bases to make new works. Fortunately no one really seemed to give a crap in the end.


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