• Project Name: 32in24
  • Game: Doom II
  • Engine Needed: Boom Compatible
  • Game Type: Deathmatch
  • # of Maps: 32
  • # Contributed: 1
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 06/27/07


32in24 is where it all started. If your unfamiliar with the 32in24 series, have a look-see at this wonderful Doom wiki article; it will tell you all about it. The goal of this first session was to create 32 deatmatch maps in 24 hours. 32in24’s success spawned an entire series. I was able to contribute one map named Cezanne. At this time, I wasn’t as skilled at speedmapping as I am today, so I struggled a bit getting it finished. I have learned an in measurable amount of mapping tips and techniques because of the 32in24 series.


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