• # of Textures: 276 textures and 112 flats
  • Information: The CR8 texture pack is something I stumbled upon while searching the web for new textures. It was originally created for use in Quake, however I was struck at how high quality they were and decided to convert them to be used in Doom. I did not make these textures, but I did do a lot of editing and work in order to make it a good set of textures to be used in Doom. I made some recolors, added some logos and switches to existing textures, and made the Doom flats from the existing textures. The pack has Boom and ZDoom animations. Check the readme for all of the credits and extra info.

    Note that the readme file that comes with this texture pack on the /idgames archive says that you aren’t allowed to use these textures. That was a TYPO, you ARE ALLOWED TO USE THESE!


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