• Project Name: Plutonia Revisted
  • Game: Final Doom (Plutonia)
  • Engine Needed: Vanilla
  • Game Type: Single Player & Cooperative
  • # of Maps: 32
  • # Contributed: 1
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 04/19/11


Plutonia Revisited is the brainchild of Doomworld member Joshy. Many people love the original Plutonia and Plutonia 2, so making Plutonia-inspired levels is quite popular. The basis behind this project was to use Plutonia and Plutonia 2 resources as a base to create a new megawad of Plutonia-style maps suitable for singleplayer and cooperative playing. To keep with the theme, all of the maps had to run within the original vanilla compatibility.

I contributed 1 map to the project named Atlatl and it was themed as a sort of abstract hellish city. The gameplay is mostly non-linear and fairly difficult given it’s in the MAP29 slot. It’s pretty lengthy too; it probably takes 30 to 45 minutes for the average player to complete. I tried to make some interesting traps and to inject lots of secrets. I liked how this map came out although I don’t feel that I was able to pull off the Plutonia feel very well.

I started working on the map when I was in the process of building a new computer. I sold my laptop to pay for the parts, so in the meantime I only had access to my old Windows 98 Gateway box.  I couldn’t work on my larger projects at the time since that machine wasn’t able to handle them.  So that situation was part of the impetus for me to make a map for this project; the map was very simple in comparison to my other projects, so I was able to make it on my old machine without it choking out.


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