• Project Name: Salamandastron’s Fortress
  • Game: Final Doom (Plutonia)
  • Engine Needed: Vanilla (limit removing)
  • Game Type: Singleplayer
  • # of Maps: 1
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 04/10/06


Salamandastron is the oldest surviving map that I have. The map is for Final Doom which uses Plutonia for it’s base. The map was originally part of a 3 map episode that I was working on by myself in an attempt to learn more about Doom mapping and Doom Builder.  I had finished the other 2 maps, but sadly I lost them years ago.

The map starts you off in a cave area and you must make your way outside to a courtyard area.  A large castle sits in the middle of this area and you must make your way in and find the exit. Given it’s age and my relatively low skill, the map actually fairs pretty well in the gameplay department aside from some nagging switch hunts and cramped areas. Up to this point, I had never played another pwad and I taught myself everything I knew in relation to mapping. I really wish I had my other, previous maps that I finished. They were just as good or even better than this map.


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