Skulltag Community COOP



  • Project Name: Skulltag Community COOP
  • Game: Doom II
  • Engine Needed: Zandronum
  • Game Type: Multiplayer
  • # of Maps: Unknown
  • # Contributed: 3
  • Status: Canceled
  • Release Date: -/-


The Skulltag Community COOP project’s history is full of misery and grief. The project started somewhere around 2005 and was canceled once. The project was picked up once again by a member named Tango and it was around this time I joined up. I was able to finish up a total of 3 large, 8-player COOP maps in the end. The project was canceled once again and leadership was transferred to a member named wario. From there, it was canceled another two times. I eventually just pulled my maps out since I thought it would never be finished. To my astonishment, wario and kuchi pulled together and released the very incomplete mapset in June of 2009, without my maps. I don’t consider that version to be in the same vein as what the project could have been, thus the “canceled” status. I contemplated sending them in to have them added to the pack, but I decided against it in the end because I’d rather just keep the maps and possibly use them for something else later on.

The link I use to have up here to the release of this project (the one without my maps) no longer works and I don’t seem to have it saved anywhere. Sorry :(

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