• Project Name: Toke It Up!
  • Game: Doom 2
  • Engine Needed: Vanilla
  • Game Type: Deathmatch
  • # of Maps: 21
  • # Contributed: 5
  • Status: Unknown
  • Release Date: -/-


Toke It Up! is a community project in honor of Dylan “Toke” McIntosh. He passed away in August of 2006 in a car accident and was a respected member of the Doom community. Before his passing, he sent a megawad filled with 21 deathmatch maps made for 1v1 play to fraggle for the FreeDM project. 11 days after he died in the car accident, fraggle decided to start a community project with those 21 maps in the memory of Toke. The maps are Vanilla compatible and they were made with gameplay and layout in mind. The goal of the project was to finish the maps and make them look pretty without changing the layout or gameplay aspects.

I first came across this project in a blog post made by Naked Snake. He was asking for some help to try and finish it off. By that time, the project had been in a development hell for a few years. I was a saddened that after all that time, no one had stepped forward to help finish of the project. I didn’t know Toke, but I had played some of his well-known works and was undoubtedly influenced by them. So I detailed a couple of the maps that were available. However, I had a difficult time trying to contact fraggle afterwards. Many months later, I finally was able to get his attention, and the project was almost near completion. I worked on 5 of the maps in the end. All that remained was some testing, bug fixing, possibly some new graphics, and some new demos. You can keep track of the project’s progress at

Update 2/27/12
After all of this time, this project still isn’t complete. I’m not sure what’s holding it up at this point. Maybe it has just been forgotten about? From what I can tell, it is basically done aside from testing and perhaps graphics creation. Hopefully some day soon it will finally be finished.

Update 10/22/18
So at this point, I’m guessing the project is pretty much canned. I’m not sure what happened…maybe it was forgotten about, or perhaps it was decided that Toke’s maps shouldn’t have been altered in respect to him. Either way, since I don’t know what the verdict is for sure, I’m just going to leave this page up and mark the status as “unknown”.

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