Vela Pax


MAP01: Excella



MAP02: Substruct



MAP03: Pinion
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MAP04: Faxanadu (in progress)



MAP05: Apollyon



MAP06: Dreamsnake
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  • Project Name: Vela Pax
  • Game: Doom II
  • Engine Needed: PRBoom+ or higher, ZDoom, Eternity
  • Game Type: Single Player
  • # of Maps: 6
  • Status: In Progress
  • Release Date: -/-


Vela Pax is a work-in-progress map set for Doom 2 consisting of 6 very large, detailed maps made for single and COOP play. The maps will be compatible with PrBoom+, ZDoom, and Eternity (and any other port that supports the Boom-compatible, strong limit removing support with ZDoom’s extended node format).

The 6 maps will be split into 2 mini episodes, with each episode representing an overarching theme. The first episode will be human-constructed themes (techbases and similar) and the second episode will be gothic and hell themes. The maps will be playable from pistol start and the gameplay will focus on non-linear flow, exploration, generally paced gameplay, and mild difficulty. Map gameplay length will likely range from 2-3 hours per map.

The maps will make use of Doom 1 and 2 texture resources with some of my own edits and updates thrown in where I see fit (based off of stock Doom resources). However there will be brand new, 1024px wide sky textures which will not be derived from stock resources. In addition there will also be some new sprites, an updated Pistol weapon with a higher rate of fire and perfect accuracy, new music, some new graphics including a new font set, a tweaked COLORMAP, possibly a new boss monster, and maybe even a big secret or two!

My goals for this project are to gain some experience with singleplayer mapping and also to explore how to create large, non-linear maps that are fun and interesting to play and explore. I also want to find interesting ways to use the stock resources as well as see what sort of cool scenes I can make.

Click spoiler below for maplist and quick descriptions of the remaining maps.

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MAP01: Excella – Done
Techbase with lots of silver and green STAR* and TEKWALL, COMPBLUE, computers, brick and grey concrete, crates, some brown textures and uses water flat. Gameplay will likely be a mix of linear and non-linear and will come in standard first map fare; zombiemen, imps, demons, cacos, hell knights, maybe a couple higher-tier monsters. Weapons will be limited to chainsaw, shotgun, chaingun, and maybe a well hidden rocket launcher and/or ssg.

MAP02: Substruct – Done
Gloomy, overcast water facility. Sort of an industrial techbase. Lots of concrete and brick, COMPBLUE and some TEKWALL, some metal, some SLADWALL and green textures, lots of water, some crates. Gameplay is almost completely non-linear; the player chooses from numerous different paths at the start of the map. Opposition is a mixed bag with lots of hitscanners, damage soakers, and other infantry-style monsters. Boss monsters make a bigger appearance in this map than they do in MAP01. All weapons are available; SSG is further on in the map or can be grabbed earlier but with some consequences. Plasma and BFG can only be found in secrets.

MAP03: Pinion – Not started
Human construction with heavy emphasis on an industrial setting, set on a mountain range sprawl. Lots of browns and metal textures, gold STAR* textures, CEMENT, lots of the white rock texture, lots of TEKWALL, some computers and COMPBLUE, some bricks, more crates, and will use the nukage flat. Gameplay will flow similar to MAP01 but with more emphasis on non-linear flow. Opposition will ramp up with lots of flying monsters and damage soakers. Copious use of damage soakers like Baron’s and Mancubus’s. Boss monsters will be used numerous times as well. Infantry will be sprinkled in. All weapons will be available while SSG will be available sooner in the map than in MAP02; BFG and/or Plasma will likely be hidden.

MAP04: Faxanadu – Layout/Detail 60% : Lighting 5% : Gameplay 0%
Mixed human construction and demon/hell influence. A gothic cityscape on the verge of being taken over by hell. Lots of city-style structures and layouts. Some underground/rocky locales. Will make plentiful use of brown bricks and stone, lots of metal, lots of wood, marble and GSTONE, some fire and red elements but not a lot, some flesh, and lots of brown sludge. Monsters will compose of lots of infantry hitscanners and imps and demons. There will be lots of Hell Knights/Barons as well as Revanants. Also lots of interesting Archvile encounters. Other monsters will likely be mixed in other, more strategic places. Boss monsters will make an appearance but less so than in MAP03; perhaps in tougher situations. All weapons available. SSG and RL will probably be available pretty soon; Plasma will be made available without having to access a secret. BFG will likely be in a secret.

MAP05: Apollyon – Done
Massive and complex hell fortress. Copious amounts of fire and lava; lots of bright, hot looking red bits. Emphasis is placed on forboding, thick, towering structures. Lots of brown and red brick, vine GSTONE, some flesh, wood and metal, marble, some brown rock. Lava, and lots of it. Gameplay consists of a few linear bits with lots of long, non-linear bits. Monster composed of copious amounts of Revenants, hordes of Imps, Demons, and zombies, and a few Archviles. Lots of Mancubus and quite a few frantic boss encounters. All weapons are available. SSG is available at the beginning of the map and RL is not far behind it. Plasma is available early on as a secret with another available later on in the map. BFG is available early on and later on it two different secrets; one harder than the other.

MAP06: Dreamsnake – Not started
Abstract, hellish, dark, fleshy demon construction of some sort on an unknown planetoid floating through space. Lots and lots of red GSTONE, flesh and blood and gore, lots of metal, lots of wood, some brown brick, lots of fire and red bits. Emphasis placed on towering architecture large open expanses. Needs copious amounts of blood and flesh. Gameplay will be non-linear. Opposition will consist of lots of infantry hordes and smaller hordes of Cacos, Hell Knights/Barons, Revenants. Lots of Archvile encounters, though not too crazy. Lots of sniper monsters including Chaingunners, Arachnotrons, Mancubus. Higher boss encounters but in slightly less stressful situations than in MAP05. Ending must be big; possibly thinking about adding a new monster through Dehacked for this. All weapons available without having to find a secret. RL/Plasma/BFG can be obtained earlier in the map in secrets.


Vela Pax Beta 1 – [18 MB] (be sure to read the readme!) (this release is flippin’ old, man!)
Time Lapse Doom Builder video – #1
Time Lapse Doom Builder video – #2 (Part 1)
Time Lapse Doom Builder video – #2 (Part 2)
Vela Pax MAP01 – Zerkin’ Around
Jimmy Stream Part 1
Jimmy Stream Part 2
Jimmy Stream Part 3
Gif of MAP01 line construction (courtesy of Revenant and dmvis)


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