Game Design page UPDATED

I decided to try and get as much work out of the way as possible on the Game Design page (since that will be the bulk of this site). If you take a gander over on the Game Design page, you’ll see a rather long listing of my Doom projects. I went ahead and made the pages for Claustrophobia 1024 and Instapack, so go check ’em out. Claus1024 has screenshots while IGPack doesn’t…but uh, yea…I guess those will come later. The rest of the projects don’t have pages yet :/

I also did a bit more work besides the Game Design page. I installed a few more plugins and you’ll probably notice two of them pretty quickly. Lightbox Plus uses a fancy overlay graphic to display images when you click on the thumbnail. The other one is the Random Image Widget, which is what you’ll see on top of the sidebar. One drawback I’ve noticed is that it will only display .jpg and .gif images as far as I can tell. It also doesn’t make use of the fancy Lightbox Plus plugin for some reason. I’m not too worried about it.

I’ll slowly be adding new pages for each project over time, so keep your eyes peeled. Aside from that I’ve got to fill in the About page…but really, there shouldn’t be a whole lot more that I need to do. Once I’m done, I can finally ignore this webpage and never update it again :P

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