• Project Name: 32in24-10: MAPS FOR THE MAP GOD
  • Game: Doom II
  • Engine Needed: Boom Compatible
  • Game Type: Deathmatch
  • # of Maps: 39
  • # Contributed: 4
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 10/31/10


32in24-10: MAPS FOR THE MAP GOD was the first and only 32in24 session of 2010. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to 32in24-9: Return of DUEL CORE because I was probably busy being lame (I don’t really remember the details, heh). 32in24-10 was started to commemorate the roughly 3 years and 4 months since the 32in24 series began. It was also the latest 32in24 session to happen in nearly a year. The theme behind this 32in24 session was to create deathmatch maps suitable for 4-8 players using only stock Doom II resources. This would be the 3rd time in the series history where this theme was used, and it’s probably my favorite 32in24 theme. I contributed a total of 4 maps of varying theme and gameplay. Unfortunately due to a “terrorist plot“, the session didn’t get 32 maps in its first 24 hours. So the deadline was extended one extra day and in the end there were a total of 39 maps to romp around in.

The first map I made was entitled Grayscale. It took me about 3 hours or so to finish. The name comes from the extremely gray texture palette I used. The gameplay is pretty decent although the map is a tad bit spacious, even for 8 players.  This map eventually made its way into the FreeDM set, I believe. The second map I made was entitled Delirite and was indirectly inspired by a map from Vela Pax of a similar theme. I spent the better part of 6 hours finishing it. It’s a hell-themed map with a ton of red colors. Gameplay on it is a little more confined and interesting than my first map but the color palette is probably a little harder on the eyes than my other contributions. After the 24 hour extension I decided to do two more maps.  My third map was entitled Quinoline and it was probably my favorite DM map I had made in a long time. I probably spent 8 hours or more on it because I got distracted with detailing. The map almost didn’t make it into the final wad because I took so long, but thankfully I was shown pity by the 32in24 overlords and was allowed to submit a finished version after the deadline hit. The map is directly inspired by a Toke It Up! map I detailed both in terms of layout and visuals. And my fourth and final map was entitled Choco. It was an experimental map where I drew a non-grid biased, free-form layout. The map is sort of an abstract rock-style theme with vertically-biased, spammy gameplay.  It also has FIREBLU as its sky, making it the best map by default.

All in all, I had a blast with this session and there were some really surprisingly awesome entries too.


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