• Project Name: 32in24-11: Occupy Doomworld
  • Game: Doom II
  • Engine Needed: Boom Compatible
  • Game Type: Deathmatch
  • # of Maps: 45
  • # Contributed: 3
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 11/04/2011


32in24-11: Occupy Doomworld is the 11th installment of the 32in24 series. It was also the only 32in24 held in 2011, coming over a year after 32in24-10. The theme behind this project was slightly different the previous sessions. The goal was to create 32 deathmatch maps suitable for 4-8 players. We were allowed to make use of the CC4 resources instead of the usual restriction of vanilla-only resources. The twist this time was that all of the maps would be tested in a special Odamex Monday Nitro session using, obviously, the Odamex engine. The alpha build of the maps would be tested by whomever wanted to join the game, feedback would be given and the maps would be updated, and then the beta build would be tested the following Monday in another OMN session. The plan worked very well and it is probably a safe assumption to say that this particular 32in24 has produced some of the best playing deathmatch maps out of any in the series.

Initially when the project was announced, I wasn’t ready for it; I was feeling pretty uninspired. Despite that, I contributed a total of 3 maps. Each of which I think came out very nice overall.

The first map I made was called Clay Pig 2: Gordo’s Revenge. The name references a silly incident between an old friend of mine and his clay pig sculpture he made. Which I accidentally destroyed (I can’t remember how now). The map doesn’t really have anything to do with clay or pigs or revenge (at least not directly). Out of the three maps, I think this one has the more interesting layout. Detail-wise it’s pretty generic and it doesn’t use the CC4 texture resource (only vanilla textures). Overall though, this map is pretty decent in my opinion.

The second map I made was called Ipecac. I speedmapped the layout first and decided not to use it because it came out too big for 8 players. I posted the layout in case anyone wanted to salvage it while I tried my hand at making another layout. The layout was never used by anyone, but it did get accidentally added the one of the alpha builds of the wad. I asked if I could finish off the map so it could be included, and they allowed it. So I spent the better part of 24 hours detailing and polishing the map. The visuals came out pretty great given the time constraints. While the layout is pretty big, it’s not as big as it’s original speedmapped self. Even so, I think the layout in this map might be the weakest of the three I contributed.

The last map I contributed was called Radish Juice. This was the second speedmapped layout I made after abandoning the first one. I really like how this map came out in terms of layout and visuals. It’s a grey, green, and red blood n’ vine gothic map that’s a really nice size for 4 to 8 players. A couple places in the map might have some odd layout, but overall I really liked the flow. There’s a pretty good use of height variation mixed with item placements that a bit different than what I usually do.

The concept to test the maps in the Odamex Mondy Nitro events was a really great one. I think it produced some of the best 32in24 maps the series has seen. More than likely it’s a partnership that we’ll see in future 32in24 sessions. Give this one a spin and see if I’m right!


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