New Autechre!

I’m a big, big fan of Autechre. I have been ever since I discovered them close to 6 years ago, along with Boards of Canada. They have shaped my tastes in music and they probably have helped me create many, many Doom maps over the past few years! So I was pretty stoked to see they released a new album this year, called “Exai“. Their style of music isn’t for everybody…in fact, I’d say they are pretty eccentric, especially their latter albums. But if you give their music a chance, it contains some of the most powerful and mind-bending ear bubbles ever.

Here’s a hidden track from the album. I cannot say if it will remain very long on youtube though:

In other news, Supplice is still going strong (I’ve leaked some bits on my Google+ page lately. Vela Pax is still in a state of limbo though :(

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